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Kayak on the Shenandoah River with Shenandoah River Adventures

Aquablazing is the terminology used when Appalachian Trail thru-hikers canoe or kayak a portion of the trail’s length. It’s most commonly done through the Shenandoah River, just to the west of the Shenandoah National Park, a very beautiful stretch of the trail in Virginia.

Shenandoah River Adventures enjoys catering to the Appalachian Trail hiker. So, we would appreciate your feedback on this type of trip.

Please note: We sell, or rent you equipment. Long day journeys require understanding. The understanding is, rains, winds, falling trees are not in our control. We give you the best advice we have. Once you are on the river, you have to live by your choices. We will try to assist you the best we can.

Aqua Blaze 3 Day Trip Information 

Shenandoah River Adventures will meet you at the Port Republic Public boat landing, a little north of Waynesboro, VA.

  • You will Float North, with the flow of the river, to the Luray 211 Bridge public boat landing.
  • We will shuttle your boats around the Shenandoah dam during business hours. We do not shuttle after hours. 
  • You will have a short, boat portage, at Dam Acres.
  • This trip is approximately 50 couple of miles and takes on average 2-3 days to complete.
  • Call for camping options.
  • We charge a minimum of $280 per boat for this trip. Rates change with 3 or more boat rentals. Please inquire about multiple boat pricing.
  • Multi-day rental rates apply for more rental time.
  • Please Note: We do not shuttle people before or after the boat rental. (Unless pre-arranged for a fee).

Call 1-888-309-7222 and we will be happy to go over your trip details. Advance calls are best!!

We do not put in on the South River! We only launch from Port Republic or North of there!

 Trail Hiker Information

  • We require 24 hour notice to shuttle your boat around the Luray dam.
  • We also require 24 hour notice for “buy backs.”
  • The public canoe portage at Luray is very dangerous!
  • Call us at: 1-888 309-7222 or text 540-478-5032.
  • This is a $60 charged service!
  • The 211 bridge is the only dual lane bridge on your trip to Luray after Elkton.
  • The take out is on the right, just before the first bridge! 50 mile rentals will be charged extra if they miss it!
  • This is also where our “buy back” warranty and services end!  

Open Arms at the Edge of Town Hostel in Luray is a full service contact for ALL hostel, slackpack, and logistical needs. Call 540-244-5652 if you have questions about available services.

Paid Camp Sites

  • Shenandoah:
    • Shenandoah River Adventures, toll free 1 888 309-7222. Or text 540 478-5032. We have camping available for most hikers, we charge $15 for wheelbarrow of firewood! You are in close walking distance of stores here. You can get potable water here too!
  • Newport:
    • Riverside Camping – (540) 652-1075. Reservations by phone preferred. Look for R.V campers on your left, after the Dam Acres Portage. You will need to check in across the road, at Kite’s Store (540) 652-8174. 
  • Luray:
    • Outlanders River Camp  (540) 743-5540 above the Dam. The campground has a store and closest to a Walmart you will be, about 2 miles away.
  • We suggest you check in at all local outfitters for river information past the 211 bridge in Luray.
  • This is where our knowledge ends this year. Everyone knows their back yard the best!
  • Please call or text (540) 478-5032 for pick up. Texting will work better in some areas.
  • If you need emergency attention (call 911), get to a public access point.
  • We encourage having the locator app on your phone TURNED ON while on this trip.
  • If you leave a message for emergency help, you need to tell me what bridge you are at or where you are. If your cell phone locator app has not been turned on, turn it on immediately.
  • Make sure your phone call is detailed. Text often works better. (540) 478-5032

We Offer a “Boat Buy Back” Program!


  • For those adventurous hikers looking to go to Front Royal or beyond, we will sell you very USED boats and gear. Do not pass the Moulton Park Boat Return Point (716 Millville Rd., Charles Town, WV 25414)  because the rapids get too swift for a canoe.
  • We guarantee boats for the first 50 miles (Port Republic launch to the 211 bridge landing in Luray). (This guarantee is for “normal” wear and tear!). It’s your boat, take care of it!! 
  • We will shuttle your boats and gear around the Shenandoah Dam Only during business hours.
  • Normal hours are 8 am to 5 pm. (We can stay later, if needed.) We also provide free camping and trash pickup in Shenandoah. Firewood is extra!
  • We require 24 hour notice to shuttle your boat around the Luray dam.
  • You Must Stop! At the 211 bridge for shuttles, there is no public portage. Take out is on the RIGHT, just before the first bridge. 
  • Call us at: 1-888 309-7222 or text 540 478-5032. This is a charged service!
  • There are multiple boating outfitters along your adventure. We suggest you educate yourselves at each one!
  • We require 24 hour notice for buying the boat back.
  • It is your responsibility to be, where you say you will be, at buyback time.
  • We will pre-charge your credit card $100.00 to come after boats and gear. We will refund the credit card after the buyback is successful.
  • We admire the hiker crowd. But, it is a bit like “herding cats.” Please be sure you are physically and financially prepared for this experience!!
  • Above all, “BE SAFE!”

Canoe Pricing:

  • Used Canoes: $650.00

Canoe Buy Back Refund:

  • Used Canoes: $150.00

Total cost per person: $250.00

Kayak Pricing:

  • Used Kayaks: $450 per kayak

Kayak Buy Back Refund:

  • Used Kayaks: $100.00 per kayak 

Total cost of $350.00 for a solo experience.

Trip Lengths & Details

Port Republic public boat launch to Island Ford Bridge/ public boat launch. The Island Ford Boat launch is on the right side of the bridge. Approximately 10 miles.

Island Ford Bridge/ public boat launch to Elkton public boat launch. Stay right at first set of rapids; stay left at second set of rapids. The Elkton Boat launch is on the right side of the bridge. Approximately 6 miles.

Elkton Bridge/ public boat launch to Shenandoah River Park. Stay left at 4th set of rapids after the Elkton Bridge. You will need to port your canoe around the dam in Shenandoah. Portage is on the right side of the dam. Portage will lead you to my property for camping. Text (540) 478- 5032 or call 1 888 309-7222 for help with your portage during business hours 8am to 5pm! Approximately 7 miles.

Shenandoah property to Grove Hill public boat launch. Staying left on this trip is the best. Watch out for low tree hanging on the right side of the third Island. Stay hard right under the 340 bridge. Grove Hill public boat launch is on the right side, 1 mile past the 340 bridge. Grove Hill is a large gravel parking area, with an orange triangle spray painted on a tree at the boat ramp. Approximately 9 miles.

Grove Hill public boat launch to Dam Acres. You will need to port your canoe around the dam here. Portage is on the right side of the dam. You are on your own at this portage. Approximately 4 miles.

Dam Acres to Alma Bridge/ public boat launch. In low river conditions this trip has a lot of rocks and ledges. In high water conditions, this trip has good white water. Approximately 4 miles.

Alma Bridge/ public boat launch to White House Bridge/ public boat launch. This is the 211 bridge! Approximately 6 miles.